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Pros and Cons of Online Dating, Internet Dating in 2013

In the year of 2013, I still find many people question about the pros and cons of online dating. They have no idea on whether they should join a dating site. With more than 10 year’s history, online dating has received its reputation, as well as bad impression in different people’s eyes. So, here I prepared some typical comments about the pros and cons of online dating, for the purpose of bringing some points to those who are looking for it.

Pros of online dating / Internet dating:

  1. No more bars – You don’t need to go to bars to meet someone new.
  2. Save time – You can meet lots of people at the same time: before your computer screen.
  3. Customized search – You can filter out those you are not interested in, based on the profile information.
  4. Safe & Secure – You don’t need to tell your real name, address, or private information unless both of you are interested in each other and planned to meet face to face.
  5. Know a person in short time – Some people are not good at talking, but they can tell more in online chat. If you pay a visit to the full profile, you’ll know the basic information of the profile owner, which saves you lots of time too.
  6. You cannot lose anything if you are rejected. Unlike the traditional dating, you will feel more pressure if others know you are rejected.
  7. Your first date can be more impressive. Due to you have enough communication before the first date, you know each other very well. So there will be no more “first date jitters” for you.
  8. Find targeted person accurately. With keywords search, you will find someone with similar interest, similar bobby, desired body type, desired behaviors… So you usually find a perfect date if you spend some time on searching.
  9. It can be more than fun: there are so many millionaire dating sites, which makes you easy to date and marry a millionaire.
  10. You can not only find a date, but friends, link-minded partners, hang out partners, casual relationships, and more.
  11. It’s quite simple and easy: You just need to spend 3 or 5 minutes to create a dating profile. Then you are in connection with millions people.
  12. You can say no to others easily if you are not interested. The aim of online dating is to help people find the perfect match. So if you are not satisfied with someone, make a “No”.

Cons of online dating / Internet dating:

  1. You may not 100% trust what the profile says, as well as the email or online chat messages. Unavoidably, there are some jerks and players who pretended to be a good guy. It takes time and efforts for you to filter them out.
  2. It’s hard to move ahead. If you are familiar with the traditional dating, you may miss the hanging out, meeting, touching each other in real during the online dating period.
  3. Others’ comments may affect your decision greatly. Due to the negative messages of online dating, your friends, family members may show objection to your online dating.
  4. You may need to relocate if you meet someone far away. However, that’s not always the case as there are big improvements in online dating and members can find others in local city.
  5. You may be addictive to online dating and spend hours in front of your computer screen searching for a dating and doing nothing else. This may also make you afraid of social activities.
  6. If you trust others easily, you can become the target of online scams.
  7. No excitement. Since you know each other well, there’s less excitement if you get your date through online dating.
  8. Too many choices. On a quality dating site, you may find that there are so many great date and actually you are interested in all of them, which makes you hard to make your own choice.
  9. Some dating sites may not allow you to see the real person. If they don’t have video chat feature, you can’t see the real person.
  10. Others may lie about their profiles and pretend to be your Mr./Ms. perfect. When you meet the real person, you may find the big difference.
  11. Females, especially beautiful ladies usually receive a great number of messages, which makes them hard to pick out their Mr. Perfect.


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