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MillionaireCupid.com Dating: KSF for finding a match in online dating

Online Dating, one of the most amazing words for all adults who are over 18, is loved by many and hated by more. People love it, because it brings hope to singles who wanted to find a great love; people hate it, because it didn’t work as people’s expectation and didn’t bring them desired matches. Whether it’s good or not, we have to admit that there are some luck singles do find their life-time mates from online dating. How did they succeed? Could their success be reproduced?

With 3 years’ observation and research, MillionaireCupid.com, a leading millionaire dating agency, has reported a 28-page report, based on a specimen of 4281 online daters in 400 cities from US, CA, UK and a few more European countries. In this report, 8.5% of the total members got a match successfully (Chart 1), another 30% had nice experiences with online dating, although they haven’t got a right match till now, while all the left people believed that online dating sucks.

Why the difference is so huge? From deeper investigation, MillionaireCupid.com got the following general factors from the successful daters and those who are happy with online dating:
1) Attractive, well written Profile
Dating profile is the first step for online dating. Never believe those sites which mentioned you can create a dating profile in 1 minute or 2. In such a short time, you can just add your basic information, which means there can be tens of thousands of other profiles which share the same basic information. If everybody is almost the same, what’s the reason for others to show interest in you, rather than others? How to make your profile standout? There are two factors in general: 1) You need to be unique, 2) you need to be better than others. With this idea in your brain, you will create a better profile.

2) Clear Goal
Everybody must have heard of the famous study from Yale in 1953 saying that the 3% of Yale graduates who had written goals had more wealth years later than the other 97% of the class combined. Here we have no intention to repeat the story. But we just want to highlight the importance of a clear goal.

To join online dating, what do you want? A rich man, or a beautiful woman? No, that’s not correct. Because there also can be millions of members wanted the same thing and there can be more people who match this criteria. If you don’t know what kind of person you are looking for, you’ll miss the opportunity easily even if the right one comes into your eyes. Here we take an example from the report to show an appropriate goal for yourself. RoseL is a nice lady at her 27s who created her dating profile on MillionaireCupid.com in Dec, 2010. When she joined online dating, she has something in her mind: She want a 1) Caucasian man 2) who lives in or next to Rutherford, NJ 3) between 25 – 32 4) with Executive or management background 5) and a sense of humor, 6) he can be average or athletic in body shape, 7) but no smoking habit because she is allergic to smoke, 8) he must be verified or recommended because she doesn’t want to find any fake guys…

3) Participate in the dating community frequently
According to the statistics, participation is one of the most important step for online dating. The members who are happy with online dating usually log into dating site at least 3 times per week to chat, email, blog, or share experiences with others. They are very active on the site. Once there are new members from their neighborhood, they are always the first to say welcome.

On the other side, there are also some general factors for those who are not successful in online dating:
1) After creating a simple profile, they do nothing but waiting for emails from others.
2) They don’t know what they are looking for exactly. Just as we mentioned earlier: they want to find someone nice, or they rely on the chemistry at the first glance too much.
3) Lack of basic dating skills brings them more difficulties. During the investigation, 4 people sent money to their dates, although they didn’t meet or just met for once or twice. When they are asked for the reason, they mentioned that they’ve showed deep sympathy to their dates and they do wanted to help them out when the amount is not huge.

There’s no good or bad for online dating platform itself. The only difference is how you are using it. If you have the intention to find a real match for dating and marriage, try to learn from those who are successful in online dating. At last, we sincerely hope all singles who are serous of dating find the right way to find the right one!

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